AYEMA Networks Ltd is an indigenous IT firm duly registered with the Nigerian Cooperate Affairs Commission (CAC), and with International Age Rating Coalition (IARC Global Rating ID:126f9d85-8219-4874-bb24-aef8e4b1b223). Ayema Networks is already trademarked by Federal Ministry of Trade and Investment; with endorsements from reputable institutions both Public and Private. Ayema is aHomegrown Social Media App (AYEMA), which is currently available on the Play Store and World Wide Web as www.ayema.ng The Ayema software application is uniquely designed to facilitate the rapid development of MSMEs through Digital Transformation, whereby business owners registered could earn additional income through Earn Points and Wallet System, while they make sales through virtual market and payment platforms that are already set up in partnership with Global FinTechs. The App has social media features were users can connect with friends and family, socialize, advertise, make calls, live streaming, gaming, articles writing, content monetization etc